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Inclusive Teaching

Resources for Inclusive Teaching

Anti-Racism Suggested Resources: This is not meant to serve as an exhaustive list, but rather a compilation of resources organized by theme to start or continue your anti-racism journey.

Suggested Resources

Anti-Racist Clinical Case Documentation Tips: These are suggestions provided to students in the classroom to help mitigate stigmatizing language. We recommend they utilize these principles when completing clinical case presentations (oral presentations and write-ups).

Documentation Tips

Creating Inclusive Curricula: Considerations for review of curricular materials for inclusivity, diversity, and bias-free instruction. - A resource with guiding questions and helpful links, designed as part of AMS's efforts to develop a medical education program that reflects our values of inclusivity and diversity, and to provide practical support for faculty who are undertaking a review of their slides or other curricular materials with these values in mind.

Creating Inclusive Curricula

Discussion Guidelines: Building community through discussion in a supportive learning environment is a key aspect of the AMS experience. This document includes recommendations for all community members when engaging in conversations in the classroom and clinical setting.

Discussion Guidelines

Incorporating the Principles of Inclusive Teaching in Your Instructional Practice: Additional tips for incorporating inclusive principles into your teaching. Inclusive teaching for medical education is the deliberate cultivation of classroom and clinical learning environments where all learners are treated equitably, have equal access to learning, and feel supported in their learning.

Principles of Inclusive Teaching

Integration of Sex and Gender into Medical Education Curriculua: A toolkit that can assist you in modifying your lectures, clinical vignettes, case based discussions, and other types of educational materials to be more inclusive from a sex and gender perspective.

Sex and Gender in Medical Education Curricula

Recognizing and Addressing Common Microaggressions in the Learning Environment: The strategies here serve as a guide for faculty when responding as a third party after a microaggression has occurred.

Microagressions in the Learning Environment

Working Definitions for Racial Equity: A standardized set of working definitions related to racial equity, adapted from the Interaction Institute for Social Change, the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond, and Adeola Oredola ‘02. Distributed and refined by the Swearer Center for Public Service's Anti-Racist Pedagogy Learning Community AY20/21.

Working Definitions for Racial Equity


Reviewing for Inclusivity


Practical tips for faculty